European Literature Night 2018. Lithuanian poet, Marius Burokas

On 15 and 16 May 2018 a dozen authors from across Europe will come together at two European Literature Nights to discuss the theme ‘What time is it?

The European Literature Nights will take place in Leeuwarden (as part of the European Capital of Culture programme) and Amsterdam. They are organised by EUNIC, the network of European national institutes for culture and national bodies engaged in cultural activities.

Marius Burokas will represent Lithuania at the European Literature Nights 2018.

Marius Burokas, a poet, translator and editor-in-chief of the valued Vilnius Review is one of the loudest and brightest voices of the younger generation in Lithuania. As a master of paradox, Burokas can both shock and entertain in a single line.

He is an author of four books. His recent book Švaraus buvimo(Of Clean Being) is published in 2018. Parthian Books has recently published his selected poetry book in English NOW I UNDERSTAND where ‘his words aim to capture the details our eyes might miss, and dip in and out of religion, history, literature, and mythology to describe a stark reality of life and death and the emptiness and beauty that can be found in both’. Marius states: ‘I am a poet and translator. Sometimes I write, mostly about Vilnius – the strangest and most mystical city. Poetry is a way to think. It’s an internal map of Europe, Asia, Lithuania and the world.’

Marius’ poetry has won a number of awards, including The Young Yotvingian literary prize. and has been translated into Polish, Russian, Latvian, Finnish, Slovenian, English, German, and Ukrainian. Marius Burokas translated poetry of Charles Simic, Walter S. Merwin, William Carlos Williams, Charles Bukowski, Ted Hughes, Alan Ginsberg.
Marius is a member of Lithuanian Writers’ Union. He lives in Vilnius

European Literature Nights will be the evenings of stories, poetry and cinema, incooperation with  THE ONE MINUTES, and moderated by Guido Snel,writer and lecturer in European Studies at the University of Amsterdam.

Participating authors: Marius Burokas (Lithuania), Jan Carson (United Kingdom), Robert G. Elekes (Romania), Elmar Kuiper (Friesland, only in Leeuwarden), Kostas Gouliamos (Cyprus), Dana Grigorcea (Switzerland), Çiler İlhan (Turkey),Mustafa Kör (Flanders),  Svealena Kutschke (Germany), Marije Langelaar(Netherlands), Giorgio Montefoschi (Italy), Jaroslav Rudiš (Czech Republic)

More information about the European Literature Night on Tuesday 15 May in Leeuwarden is available on Lan fan Taal .

Find out more about the European Literature Night on Wednesday 16 May at the Brakke Grond  in Amsterdam.

Practical information:


on Tuesday 15 May, 20:00, Afûk and Lân fan taal,

in the context of Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018-Fryslân 2018.


on Wednesday 16 May, 20:00 Amsterdam, Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond.

More info:
Reservations or more information: +31 (0)20 626 68 66. 


De jaarlijkse Nacht van de Europese Literatuur wordt dit jaar twee keer gehouden: in Amsterdam (16 mei) en Leeuwarden. Op dinsdag 15 mei komt de Nacht van de Europese Literatuur speciaal naar Leeuwarden, de Culturele hoofdstad van Europa 2018. De Litouwse literatuur zal dit jaar door Marius Burokas vertegenwoordigd worden.

Lauksime Jūsų!  Tot ziens!  Looking forward to seeing you!

With kind regards,

Litouws Cultureel Centrum

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