Darbas Lietuvoje mokantiems olandų ir anglų kalbas

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Darbas Lietuvoje mokantiems olandų ir anglų kalbas

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I have a few questions for you…

Have you ever considered, what it’s like to protect our planet Earth?
Have you ever thought about tackling one of the fastest growing global problems- hunger and malnutrition?
Would you like to make an impact on people’s lives and be an integral part of ethical and international company?

If this is in-line with your personal and career goals- look no further, we have an opportunity right for you.

Our client YARA is a company that fights world hunger while at the same time preserving natural resources. These issues are the key elements in YARA’s unique business model which positions itself to benefit shareholders, society and our planet. They are focused on the following issues:
Working with the best specialist teams on how to do more with less.
Educating farmers and agricultural experts on how to make a better environment for everyone.
Heavily investing into research and development of eco-friendly fertilizer formula.
YARA is valued by their clients- they are supplying to more than 160 different countries. They have also got offices in 60+ countries around the world and still expanding!

Take a quick look at their mission and vision: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKYa61KB890

In YARA, you would not be „just another employee“. They appreciate everyone and trains them to be the best specialists they can! They have a welcoming international team with colorful backgrounds and different cultures- 14 different languages, BUT ONLY ONE GOAL!

If you:
Feel comfortable in speaking both English and Ducth,
You can describe yourself as an ambitious, curious and reliable team player..

Write me an e-mail to spa@afr.lt: “I want to be a part of Yara” or give me a call +370 604 56072 and we can take the discussion further.

Our open vacancies:
https://www.afr.lt/lt/job-offers/dutch- ... specialist
https://www.afr.lt/lt/job-offers/dutch- ... specialist

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